Book Endorsement – The Investor Relations Guidebook

by Brian Lebrecht on June 8, 2012

Like nearly all attorneys, we at The Lebrecht Group read a wide variety of articles, blogs, books and guidebooks related to our area of practice.  We have a handful of them that we regularly recommend to clients, particularly our newly public companies, and over the coming months we will review and recommend them here on our blog.  The first such review is The Investor Relations Guidebook by Steven M. Bragg.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have known Steven for several years, and was asked and did write an endorsement for this book.  The book can be found on Amazon here.

The Investor Relations Guidebook provides a very thorough overview of the important role investor relations can play for a small public company.  The topic is covered from both the perspective of an internal department, as well as on an outside consulting basis.  Practical topics are addressed, such as how to increase your float, whether to issue guidance, how to deal with short sellers, and how to build an investor relations website.

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