Filing Deadlines Extended Due to Hurricane Sandy – Who is Where?

by Brian Lebrecht on November 8, 2012

While we are all busily working on 10-Q’s for the quarter ended September 30, 2012, the SEC announced this week that filing deadlines would be extended for filers who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.  What we have not been able to figure out is whether the extension will apply to all filers, or only those that have been specifically affected, and how or when a filer must apply for or notify the Commission that it is taking advantage of the extension.  More details will be released soon.  The SEC’s announcement can be found here.

The brings to the forefront just how virtual and geographically diversified we are these days.  A company might be headquartered in an area affected by Sandy, or one or more of its auditor, lawyer, transfer agent, edgar filing service, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, or other executive might also be located in an area affected by Sandy.  Given the obvious ties to the financial center that is New York, are there any filers that weren’t affected by Sandy in one of these ways?


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