Tales From The Road Show

by Brian Lebrecht on April 24, 2013

I recently visited three different investment banks in three days.  The purpose of the meetings was to (a) present an offering for a mutual client, (b) update each other about existing clients that we share, and (c) talk about the capital markets for small- and mid-sized public companies.  I’m pleased to see that the boutique investment banks are once again interested in smaller companies and smaller deals, including smaller IPO’s, which haven’t existed for a while.  Despite all the concerns about the burden of regulation, entrepreneurial banks are figuring out how to make a profit and fill a void.  There is a feeling that investment capital is continuing to loosen up for small cap issuers and that deal flow pipelines are starting to fill.  Good news for everyone.  To those who hosted me, thank you for the hospitality.

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