Why TLG?

We understand that clients have numerous attorneys and law firms they can choose from to represent them with their corporate and securities transactional needs, so why choose The Lebrecht Group, APLC?

We know what we do and do it well. We are a corporate securities law firm with experienced attorneys in the fields of corporate and securities law. We have experience with every type of going public transaction, merger and acquisition transaction, private and public company financing transaction, and other related transactions, and we do them well. However, we do not practice other areas of law, such as litigation, trusts and estates, family law, etc. This focus on one core practice area allows our attorneys to become knowledgeable and gain experience in a wide variety of corporate securities transactions. It also allows them to avoid the distractions caused by having to crossover to other areas of law that their firm may practice but where they may not be experienced because their firm needs them in that area. Although we don’t practice other areas of law we are still able to service your company’s other legal needs through our extensive network of attorneys and law firms that we can refer your other legal matters to when necessary.

Availability and responsiveness. The number one complaint clients have about their attorneys, other than cost, is lack of responsiveness. We are keenly aware of this at The Lebrecht Group and take pride in our turnaround time for clients’ inquiries and projects. Many attorneys are helpless to do anything about this as they must cater to the highest paying clients of the firm. At The Lebrecht Group, not only do we agree that slow turnaround time is not acceptable, but we are in a position to do something about it. By carefully maintaining our client-to-attorney ratio and being in constant contact regarding our attorneys’ workloads we are able to address client questions timely, and finish projects on, or ahead of, schedule.

Interested in long term client relationships. In the area of corporate securities law many times you will come across attorneys more interested in earning fees from a deal than they are in developing a long term relationship with the client. While we are interested in representing your company in specific transactions, such as a reverse merger or a direct IPO, we are just as interested in developing a long term relationship with you and your company where we can represent your company for years to come in all its corporate securities law transactions.

Competitive pricing. We are able to offer very competitive hourly and flat rates for corporate securities work. This is due to many factors, including our size, location, and low overhead. Because we are a small firm that practices in only one primary area of law we are able to concentrate on that area and put all our resources in one area. In large law firms, you may find you are paying for many services and attorneys that you do not utilize. Due to the nature of corporate securities law, most non-securities law attorneys in a large firm cannot support their law firm’s corporate securities department or support any overflow work. So while you may have a 40-50 attorney, multi-practice law firm doing your corporate securities work, you are likely only being serviced by the 2-3 attorneys that practice corporate securities law. This means you are paying the hourly rates and overhead for a 40-50 attorney law firm but only getting serviced by 2-3 attorneys. You are better off going with the smaller firm that does not have the overhead and the other legal departments it needs to support.

Access to funding sources. While access to potential funding sources should never be the sole reason you choose a corporate securities attorney (that should be based on experience in your type of transaction and the connection you have with the attorney), hiring an attorney with contacts to funding resources you may be able to utilize is a bonus. The Lebrecht Group has worked with numerous funding sources, from individual investors to hedge funds, with both private and public companies, and will gladly introduce your company to any applicable funding sources when the time is right.

Proper fit for the right client. There is a proper fit between a client and their law firm. If your company is a private company or a public company trading on the OTCBB or NASDAQ.CM exchanges and you are with a medium or large law firm, chances are very good you are overpaying for your corporate securities legal services and possibly not getting the attention you deserve. This is not to say those firms don’t do good legal work, most of them do, but with the fees your company is being charged and the attention you are getting, it may not be a good fit for your company. If you can get the same quality legal services, more attention, for less money, shouldn’t you explore that possibility?